Why is it the best catalogue?

Innovation + inspiration
Range + novelties
= the catalogue that helps you to...

1. Better understand the product

2. Install more easily

3. Get to know other product ranges

4. Be inspired by new ideas


Italian market trends.

Thanks to our strong presence and experience in this market we bring you applied images of how our systems and fittings can transform any space. We want to inspire you to continue creating spaces with your furniture and our products.


Upcoming new products.

Find out about the new products that we will be presenting in the coming months. Our new drawers, sliding systems, light fittings, and much more!



Easy product installation.

On many of the pages you will find detailed information, illustrations, tables or icons that help you to better understand how to install our products.


Patents and certificates.

We point out in our catalogue the patented or certified products, so that you can easily identify both our own creations (product by Emuca) and the products that have been certified by external laboratories.


Visual elements that improve comprehension.

Sketches, product explosions, details, synoptic tables, compositions, are just some of the visual elements that will make it easier to understand or choose the right product.

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